Leaving behind a quarter century career in

television design and animation, Atlanta-based artist

Jodie Hutchens now embraces creative life within the fine arts.  Brush, paint and canvas replacing digital tools to express her vision and dreams.

Jodie's extraordinary journey in art began, ironically, in Normal, Illinois, when the professor of a college

art education class recognized her talent and potential and recommended Graphic Design as a

well-suited major. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication from Illinois State University, job opportunities lured her to rapidly growing

Atlanta, Georgia.

Early employment began in print media, but soon,

she migrated to broadcast television design, enjoying a career spanning over two decades with CNN. 

Over the years, her artistic focus evolved from design to art direction, and soon she presided over

high profile projects that became signatures of many

of CNN's most noteworthy, and award-winning achievements.

Incorporating numerous media, her most recent

body of work, focusing on interiors, is shaped by a passion for architecture and decor.  Like a good photographer, Jodie recognizes critical elements of her subject matter.  Sometimes, it's lighting, sometimes it's situational. Her eye for elevating the mundane into the fantastic is enhanced by her

loose brush stroke, enticing the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own imagination.